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2023 Commodore Barry Award Winners

The AOH National Constitution, designates September 13th as “Commodore Barry Day,” a national holiday of the AOH. In honor of this great Irish-American who is considered the “Father of the American Navy,” each year AOH Myles Scully, Division #1, Yonkers awards the Commodore John Barry Memorial medal to Yonkers Catholic elementary students who exemplify our motto of Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity and excel in Social Studies/American History. The student also receives a $100 check. Brother Steve Murphy along with our Chaplain Fr. Fernan and Brother John Hyland successfully lead this program and we thank them for making it a success in our community.

We Congratulate and Applaud the 2023 Award Winners!

Paul Carmelo; St. John the Baptist, Yonkers

Myles Jennings; Sacred Heart Highbridge, Bronx

Aiden Kuan; St. Anthony, Yonkers

Meghan McGovern; St. Eugene’s, Yonkers

Kaitlyn McLean-Gabbidan; St. Barnabas, Bronx / Woodlawn

Sebastian Perez; Sacred Heart, Yonkers

Catherine Scanlon; Annunciation – Our Lady of Fatima, Yonkers

Aiden Simmons; St. Peter – St. Denis, Yonkers

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